Group at AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology


Khulan Sergelen

PhD student (Oct. 2012 - now) "Reversible plasmonic biosensors with hydrogel permeable hydrogel membranes" (with Prof. Bo Liedberg, NTU, Singapore)

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Imran Khan

PhD student (Jul. 2013 - now) "Plasmonic organic solar cells" (joint project with Dr. Theodoros Dimopoulos, Energy Dpt. at Austrian Institute of Technology)

Imran Khan

Simone Hageneder

Trainee (Jul. 2013 - Dec 2013), Master student (Feb. 2014-now) "Plasmonically amplified fluorescence assays for ultrasensitive detection of biomarkers" pdf

PhD student (Sept. 2015-now) "Plasmonically enhanced fluorescence arrays for colon cancer diagnostics"


Christian Petri

PhD student (Jul. 2013 - now) "Functional hydrogels for optical biosensors" (with Prof. Ulrich Jonas, University of Siegen).


Agnes Reiner

PhD student (Apr. 2014 - now) "Exosome analysis for ovarian cancer diagnostics" (with Prof. Robert ZeilingerDr. Dietmar Pils, MedUni Vienna and Dr. Kiang Sai Lim, IMB A*STAR Singapore).

Agnes Reiner

Nestor Quilis Gisbert

Master student (Feb. 2015 - July 2015) "Preparation of plasmonic nanostructures for plasmonic applications" (Erasmus Mundus student). pdf

PhD studen (Sept 2015 - now) "Active plasmonic nanostructures with responsive polymers "


Stefan Fossati

Master student (Apr. 2015 - Aug. 2015) "Resonant plasmonic structures for optical spectroscopy"pdf

PhD student (Sept 2015 - now) "Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy imaging"


Daria Kotlarek

PhD student (Sept. 2015 - now) "Continuous plasmonic biosensing utilizing hydrogels".

Daria Kotlarek

Nicolas Guiler Ferrer Sanchez

Internship student (July. 2016 - now) "Localized surface plasmon resonance biosensing".

Nicolas Guiller Ferrer Sanchez.jpg

Mohamed Askar

Intership student (Jul. 2016 - now) "Advanced plasmonic nanostructures for fluorescence spectroscopy".

Mohamed Askar

Priyamvada Venugopalan

Postdoc (July. 2016 - now) "Plasmonically enhanced biosensing of small molecules by SERS and SEIRA".

Priyamvada Venugopalan

Samia Menad

Postdoc (Dec. 2015 - now) "Development of a plasmon-enhanced fluorescence imaging instrument". With Horiba Scientific.



Chun Jen Huang

PhD student (Oct. 2007- Dec. 2010) "Advanced schemes for surface plasmon resonance and plasmon-enhanced fluorescence biosensors". pdf 

(after Posdoc with Prof. Shaoyi Jiang, University of Washington, Seattle, USA)

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Yi Wang

PhD student (Aug. 2007- Dec. 2010) "New schemes and applications of surface plasmon resonance and optical waveguide-based biosensors". pdf

Postdoc (Jan.- May 2011) "Magnetic nanoparticle-enhanced grating-coupled surface plasmon biosensor".

(after Postdoc with Prof. Bo Liedberg, Nanyang University, Singapore)

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Koji Toma

PhD student (June 2009-September 2012) "High capacity biosensing based on surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy". pdf

(after Postdoc with Prof Andreas Offenhäuser, Juelich)

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group 

Mana Toma

PhD student (June 2009-September 2012) "Nano-patterned plasmonic surfaces with responsive polymers for highly sensitive biosensor applications". pdf

(Currently PostDoc with Prof. Robert Corn, University of California in Irwine, USA.) 

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Martin Bauch

PhD student (Jul. 2011 - Oct 2014) "Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence on metalic nanostructures for biochip applications" (with Dr. Claudia Preininger, AIT Health and Environment Dpt.). pdf

(Currently Junior Scientist with Energy Dpt., Austrian Institute of Technology

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Nityanand Sharma

PhD student (Jul. 2012 - 2015) "Hydrogel nanostructures for plasmonc and biosensor applications" (with Prof. Bo Liedberg, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Joint PhD programm of University of Applied Life Sciences in Vienna). pdf

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Hamid Keshmiri

PhD student (Feb. 2013 - Jan 2016) "Active plasmonics with responsive hydrogels"

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group



Federica Pirani

PhD student (January 2015 - May 2015) "Optical observation of nanostructured thin responsive hydrogel films" (with Prof. Descrovi, Politechnico di Torino).


Ola Karczmarczyk

PhD student (March 2015 - May 2015) "Plasmonic biosensor for detection of toxins in food matrices" (with ITN Network SAMOSS).


Tomas Riedel

Visiting researcher (July 2014 - December 2014) "Salivary plasmonic biosensors advanced by antifouling brush biointerface architectures" (Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).


Han Bao

Visiting researcher (Dec. 2010 - April 2011) "Long range surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy for detection of bacterial pathogens in real samples, molecular imprint polymers for theophylline". With Prof. Tianxin Wei, Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Regis Mejard

visiting researcher (2009, July-Aug.) "Long range surface plasmons interfaces for immunosensors". With Dr. Benjamin Thierry, University of Adelaide, Australia.

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Qingwen Zhang

visiting researcher (Dec. 2010 - Dec. 2011) "Hydrogel optical waveguide spectroscopy for detection of small molecules, molecular imprint polymers". With Prof. Tianxin Wei, Beijing Institute of Technology, China.

Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Maria Ermini

visiting researcher (Dec. 2011 - Feb. 2012) "Surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy for the analysis methylated DNA". With Prof. Maria Minunni, University of Florence, Italy.


Group - Dostalek Plasmonic Biosensor Group

Nazek Maalouly

visiting researcher (Oct.30 - Nov. 19 2011) "Surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence on metallic nanoparticle clusters and diffractive gratings". With Prof. Sabine Szunerits, Universite Lille 1, France.